Hot Cacao

All Dallas froze over. Sleet and ice has covered the city. For many this is a normal part of the Autumn and Winter season, for Dallas it is an upsetting, dreaded and unprepared moment no matter what, our flip flops are still at the door and we know our 80 degree+ norm is just around the corner. Many frozen trees collapsed from the weight of the ice, damaging homes and blocking traffic thru the city, making getting anywhere impossible. So why even try! After a refreshing good 5 mile run this morning I feel it is time for a good Hot Cacao!

Cocoa or Cacao? I found a cute article that humored me, it says that they think the word Cocoa was a typo, a casual mistake between languages, maybe so? And that there is no difference. In today’s world we refer to Cacao as the raw state and Cocoa as the processed state.

In Italy Cacao means Cocoa. And thats that. They don’t say “Hot Cacao” they say, “Cioccolata Calda” or “Hot Chocolate”. In many Bars and Caffes in Italy “la Cioccolata Calda” is served so thick you use a spoon to eat it and this divinely rich, heaven sent cup is usually served topped with fresh whipped cream, of course.



I’ve always made la Cioccolata Calda with Cacao as I was taught in Italy and here is my recipe:

  • Heat a mug full of *Almond mylk in a small pot on the stove.
  • Meanwhile in your mug mix 1 spoonful of Cacao with  2 spoonfuls of *Rapadura.
  • When mylk is hot pour into your mug and mix.
  • *You can use which ever milk/mylk you prefer in this recipe as well as the Sugar. You can even warm the milk/mylk in the microwave if you wish, but it won’t be as good for you as Judifood’s if you do 😛

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