I love Cappuccino.

I live in Dallas. My expectations go past the limit when it comes to the culinary world so when I moved back to the Western World after 30 years in Italy, searching for a good cappuccino was difficult.

I found it 🙂 At South Side Lamar’s Opening Bell Coffee. To me, Dallas’ best cappuccino and they sell the best gluten free Cinnamon Rolls in Dallas made by Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery.  OBC works with a number of local vendors and their menu has quite a few delicious options!

The location is great and the lofts are beautiful South Side on Lamar  .

2 thoughts on “Cappuccino

    1. Si sono d’accordissima! Questo post e una che ho scritto qualche anno fa quando cercavo disperatamente un caffe buono a Dallas! Dall’allora ho incontrato Palmieri Cafe a DFM. Il titolare, Corrado, viene dalla Puglia. Comunque a casa tutto e più buono ❤


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