Brown O’s

My father sent me this photo text a week or so ago, the text read “Made these yesterday…” (photo below)



“Brown E’s”  He said he made them to take to a Church meeting.

(don’t worry it took me a minute to get it too!)

So I sent him back a photo of my Brown O’s!  🙂




I’d seen dozens of real food, healthy donut recipes on Pinterest this winter and one of my favorite bloggers, Leafparade, was on a donut frenzy, constantly pinning and blogging all sorts of delicious looking donuts!

I finally decided to pick a recipe for homemade, real food donuts and try them out myself!




I picked a recipe I found on Pinterest and hit the jackpot, they were awesome!

Recipe here;



I wrote a review on the Tasty Kitchen’s website, these are delicious and the recipe is perfect, accurate and very easy to follow 🙂


Buon Appetito!


Senza glutine/Gluten free! Ta Da!

I found this recipe for grain free Lady Fingers by “Satisfying Eats” and had to try it out, it seemed to good to be true!

The Lady fingers turned out like the traditional Italian “Pavesini”. An egg based, lightly sweet, thin dry cookie that when in contact with humidity absorbs and softens quickly.


I was going to be serving the Tiramisu in separate dessert dishes so I made little round cookies to put at the bottom of the cup then a few larger circles to put as a second layer and the remaining ones I made a few inches long to fill the top of the dishes. I used a ziplock baggie instead of a pastry bag as suggested in the recipe and it worked out just fine.

I used agave nectar to sweeten the mixture instead of Stevia. I cannot tolerate the taste of Stevia. It tastes like saccharin or artificial sweeteners that luckily in my life I have never been able to use because of the terrible taste they have to me.

I have made Tiramisu’ hundreds of times in Italy. I have perfectioned the method of making the cream to a soft, thick, luscious sweetness! I love preparing it!

I use evaporated organic cane sugar, which I used my grinder to turn to powder, and of which made my egg whites and the cream beautiful champagne, beige color!


Making the cream is simple but not easy. **There are many things to take into consideration and apply when preparing it. The eggs and mascarpone need to be at room temperature. The sugar needs ground fine. The egg whites need to be stiff and folding them into the mascarpone takes patience and delicacy.

My Tiramisu’ recipe:

  • 4 Eggs
  • 350 grams Mascarpone
  • 85 grams Evaporated organic cane sugar
  • Cacao (approximately 1 cup)
  • a couple Tbsp grated dark chocolate
  • a 3 expresso Moka of caffe (equivalent to 3 expressos)
  • Marsala (dry) to your taste

Separate eggs, beat egg whites until half way stiff, add 30 grams sugar and beat until stiff.  Cream together the yolks with 30 grams of the sugar until light in color and  until they become a creamy – spongey consistency. Mix in the mascarpone to the egg yolk cream until all lumps are gone. Delicately add the egg whites to the cream, fold in with a wooden spoon.


Tiramisu’ is prepared in layers. First dip the lady finger(s) in the expresso and cover with the cream.

[If you are doing a full pan dip lady fingers and make a layer at the bottom of the plate you are using, then add a layer of cream, cacao and so forth.]


Sift cacao over the cream, enough to dust the top. Repeat with the dipped lady finger(s), then the cream, cacao, until dish(es) are full. The last layer before dusting with cacao I sprinkle with grated dark chocolate and then dust with cacao.

The expresso should be made in advance and the remaining 15 grams of sugar added to it while still warm. Add the Marsala to taste and let cool before dipping the lady fingers.

**The eggs in this cream recipe are not cooked. The cream is made with raw eggs. I advise you use fresh eggs, wash them before you crack them open. Sanitize your hands well after touching the egg shells before continuing handling, preparing the recipe.

*makes 8 servings

Buon Apetito!IMG_7713

Black Magic

This recipe (link above) really caught my attention, the flour less, the black beans and as I read all the ingredients I was more and more anxious to try this out! The combination of these ingredients had to be magic!

Almond milk, balsamic vinegar, coffee grounds! So many recipes out there are just thrown together and just don’t turn out or are the same old, same old.. Not this recipe!

This one was really calling my name, starting with the coffee grounds…

Coffee in brownies really enhances the cacao flavor and brownies with coffee enhance the flavor in my life 🙂

I love chocolate but not just any chocolate. It has to be dark, decadent,  a rich cacao taste. NOT overwhelmingly rich to tie your stomach into a half day drought or fill you so full you feel like part of your body has stopped working like a clogged sink.

This recipe is delicious and it hits the spot! I didn’t have any cravings afterwards either, which I continue to be in peace totally with myself for over a year now since I cut out refined sugars. Without gluten and refined sugars in my diet I feel so good, normal.


I did change the recipe a little bit. I used 1/4 cup raw honey and 1/2 cup organic evaporated cane sugar instead of 3/4 cup sugar. I love the taste honey gives cacao, it is a perfect, natural combination. I used organic cacao and gluten free chocolate chips.

I also used 2 tsp of cold pressed coconut oil instead of 1 tsp of oil.

This first time I made these they were delicious, a little dry and crumbly, especially the next day but delicious. My 2nd try I changed the ingredients to the above and used cupcake holders instead of using a 9″x 9″ square pan. They were super yummy (even if I used Wilton’s paper cups that I should’ve sprayed with coconut oil lightly so the brownies wouldn’t have stuck to the paper as much).


What I love is the simplicity of this recipe, “mix all ingredients in the blender”, WOO HOO!!


*Doubling the recipe makes 18 delicious, healthy and all natural black bean brownie cupcakes.

Buon Apetito!


Hot Cacao

All Dallas froze over. Sleet and ice has covered the city. For many this is a normal part of the Autumn and Winter season, for Dallas it is an upsetting, dreaded and unprepared moment no matter what, our flip flops are still at the door and we know our 80 degree+ norm is just around the corner. Many frozen trees collapsed from the weight of the ice, damaging homes and blocking traffic thru the city, making getting anywhere impossible. So why even try! After a refreshing good 5 mile run this morning I feel it is time for a good Hot Cacao!

Cocoa or Cacao? I found a cute article that humored me, it says that they think the word Cocoa was a typo, a casual mistake between languages, maybe so? And that there is no difference. In today’s world we refer to Cacao as the raw state and Cocoa as the processed state.

In Italy Cacao means Cocoa. And thats that. They don’t say “Hot Cacao” they say, “Cioccolata Calda” or “Hot Chocolate”. In many Bars and Caffes in Italy “la Cioccolata Calda” is served so thick you use a spoon to eat it and this divinely rich, heaven sent cup is usually served topped with fresh whipped cream, of course.



I’ve always made la Cioccolata Calda with Cacao as I was taught in Italy and here is my recipe:

  • Heat a mug full of *Almond mylk in a small pot on the stove.
  • Meanwhile in your mug mix 1 spoonful of Cacao with  2 spoonfuls of *Rapadura.
  • When mylk is hot pour into your mug and mix.
  • *You can use which ever milk/mylk you prefer in this recipe as well as the Sugar. You can even warm the milk/mylk in the microwave if you wish, but it won’t be as good for you as Judifood’s if you do 😛