Real food

I hear it all the time. “It is so expensive to eat healthy.” This is so untrue. We tend to buy products that tell us they are healthy, organic, clean etc. and because they are so they have a higher price tag. Reflect for a moment, what is real food, what is healthy? People tend to fret to the idea of choosing a fruit for a snack and veggies, carbs & proteins for a meal instead of ¬†fast food or instant food products, as if real food ¬†wouldn’t satisfy ones hunger or taste buds. On the contrary! Simple, real food satisfies hunger, is incredibly flavorful and limits cravings! Cravings come from an overdose of sugars, additives and unnatural substances found in packaged food products. These foods lack in nourishment and generate food cravings.



1 small blood orange

juiced with Breville’s Juice Fountain


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