Eggs are a staple in my kitchen and omelettes and scrambles are inexpensive and creative ideas for a low cost meal. They are even great ways to incorporate leftovers.

There are tricks to making a folded omelette. Your pan needs to be very hot and greased well. The rims of the pan you are using make a difference too, not too tall or rounded.

In Jaime Olivers folded omelette tutorial  he is using a nonstick pan which….for me is ridiculous, sorry Mr. Oliver but as a professional why use toxic material to cook with ???

The tutorial is good at explaining the importance of temperature and technique. Be sure to use a clean pan otherwise your omelette will stick and be sure to grease your pan well with ghee, butter or preferred fat and carefully pour the eggs into the hot pan, then immediately turn the heat down to low!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive!


Buon Appetito!




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