E Voila’! Fresh Mayonaise

Ok, ok, so its Autumn and I am still enjoying my salads. I do live in Dallas and the weather here is beautiful right now. Its not cold at all and its not as hot as the summertime. The leaves have barely started changing color, so this gives me all the right to continue eating my salads! I whipped up a lighter version of mayonnaise, ha-ha! Only because I used a “light” EVO by Bertolli. Fresh mayonnaise/maionese is delicious, it has nothing to do with store bought …stuff, that’s a whole different thing.

Here’s my recipe;

  • 1 egg kept at room temp for a few hours. (yes, this is the trick, room temp)
  • a large slice or piece of lemon, about 1/4 of a lemon
  • 1 cup Light Bertolli’s Extra Virgin Light Olive Oil

*I used my food processor, its a smaller version. You can also use a hand held immersion mixer.

Put egg and squeeze the juice from the piece of lemon into the food processor. Turn the food processor on and add slowly but in a constant, thin stream, the light evo. Let process a minute or two until it thickens, e Voila!

*Store in fridge.