This years TECHmunch was my very 1st Food blog convention! The convention was held at the Whole Foods Market HQ located at 550 Bowie St., a Whole foods Mega Store that you could lose yourself in, especially during a cold and rainy wet, mega event filled weekend, SXSW!  The city is overpopulated with visitors from all around for the annual film, interactive, music festivals and conferences.


A Conversation with Chef Brian Malarkey & Addie Broyles  @brianmalarkley @broylesa


Addie Broyles and Chef Malarkey were great speakers! They spoke about food, restaurants and life.

Chef Malarkey, owner of 7 successful restaurants, uniquely named by his love for fabrics, Seersucker, Herringbone to name a couple. I really loved this idea, the combination of two of the things I love, he brought together. Yes, I was very intoned to what he had to say and his stories. Stories of his childhood, what makes the guy and how he works. I have to say I was intrigued by it all.

Take a look for yourself,

At the end of the interview, conversation, explanation and advise he gave us an anteprima of what was next on his menu. He said “breakfast for dinner, eggs and…..” I think I fell in love right there.


“How to keep your blog secure hangout” Andrew Wilder @EatingRules

So much info here! Back up your blog and how to! Lots of expert advise, passwords should be strong, decisive and unique, no word and number combinations, he gave plugins and a special coupon towards his own service, lots of good technical advise!

(I wish I understood more of what he was talking about!)
advised links:,

Introducing Cookbook Cafe – Remix your Recipes into Cookbooks

Babette Pepaj, @bakespace @CookbookCafe http://www.CookbookCafe
Babette is the founder and CEO of CookbookCafe and founder of TECHmunch!
Cookbook cafe is also an app! Its all about recipes and making your own virtual cookbook! Yes, I am interested! Wow, I loved it!
Who is Babette?:


Eric Schwartzman @ericschwartzman
Legal and Reputational Risks of Blogging
Top legal and reputation risks of flood blogging, ethics, disclosure, lots of good legal information to keep yourself out of trouble blogging!


Kristin Guy @dineXdesign
The Value of Good Typography Hangout
Lots of fun seeing the different types of fonts and overlaying of photos! An app and website to check out,

The app tells you from a photo what font is used!
Also, some cute rules to follow, like DO NOT USE the
“mom jeans of fonts”  (left)

Serena Ehlrich @Serena

Dir. of Social, Business Wire, she is a HOOT! Talk about keeping the audience entertained and alert! Serena is awesome! She gave us SOOOO much info on editorial calendars, pulling the audience, brand loyal/products, rainy day writes, I actually felt like I was a serious blogger listening to Serena, much of her advise I am doing just naturally trying to keep up with my everyday life and blogging, quite a juggle but fun, just like Serena’s talk!

(How didn’t get a photo of this women? I guess she had ALL my attention!)

Natanya Anderson @Natanya

How to Rock Pinterest

Dir. Social Media @WholeFoods, Natanya says better Pinterest than Facebook for social networking food blogs! She gave a lot of info on blogging and Whole Foods pinning and social networking.



Lunch was sponsored by Whole Foods and gift cards were given out to venture out into Austin’s huge gastronomic REAL FOOD court.

I spent most my time exploring (part) of the store and taking photos. I filled my plate with a little of not nearly everything; Poblano goat cheese mashed potatoes, blue cheese stuffed portobello mushroom, Korean short ribs, chinese pork roast, balsamic roasted beets to name a few of my samples, Oh! and also took a taste of the Pork belly that was being prepared by request. I finally sat to eat I realized my lunch break was nearly finished which didn’t stop me from clicking photos while semi sitting down with a fork in my hand trying to stuff the delicious food in my mouth.


Back upstairs to the convention for dessert! Local vendors brought in their products for us to taste.




Gluten free and Vegan Cupcakes from  bake on Austin

GoodPop All Natural Frozen

Toffee & Chocolates from

Due to my flight out of Austin I had to miss the last two speakers at the convention. I had a wonderful time, I learned so much and learned I have so much to learn!


*A special Thank you to my bestie, Julie, for her hospitality,XO!

[Now I have my own business cards too!]


Meal Planner satisfaction!

My companion has come a long way, I’m sure he had NO idea what he was getting himself into when he commited himself to a relationship with me. He knew I loved to cook that I was a healthy eater and preferred homemade to dining out etc but….little did he know that I would get him to cut the diet soda, I would throw away that year supply tub of spreadable plastic he had sitting on the refrigerator door and propose grains, fruits and vegetables he’d never wanted to try nor even heard of before in his meals. FYI, his definition of fruit is applesauce and he hates bananas. How was this relationship going to work? I wondered myself. Meanwhile, I taught him the difference between applesauces and he buys natural applesauce and reads labels.

His first outstanding proof of love was not only saying “yes” to an evening “Dinner for Two” Cooking Course based on Kumquats at Central Market and actually showing enthusiasm and excitement to something I thought to be an incredible way to have fun on a Friday night, also for  the fact he’d never even seen a Kumquat before none the less had any idea it was a citrus. He hates citrus fruits, but he was a good sport and actually looked forward to our evening! (Here is where he gained extra points major time!)

(I was new here in Dallas looking for places to find a few ingredients I couldn’t find at local grocery stores in town and found this “Central Market” Grocery Store that offered some pretty cool things on and off the shelves!) Check it out ttp://

My Mr.Wonderful usually comes with me to Whole Foods grocery shopping on the weekends. When we go, we stop for a bite also and enjoy what is going on, a little music, new foods to sample etc. He seems to enjoy it and has found things he likes or would like to try too!

Last week at Whole Foods there was a Sale on Tuna steaks!

Tuna $6Jeff agreed that these sounded like a good choice for one of our meals this week! Big step for one who doesn’t like fish either! Our plan was to grill them!

Tuna grillHe prepared the Weber and I prep’d the steaks- Super Easy!

I wet the steaks with Evo and topped them with some herbed salt I brought with me from Italy . Similar to an Herb de Provence salt.

prep'dWe cooked them about 3 mins per side. The steaks were about 1 1/2inches thick.

I steamed some Asparagus, Jeff’s pick of vegetable for our steaks 🙂 (He is really opening up to trying new vegetables!)

I prep’d a quick little sauce using:

  • 100ml Evo, 1/3  lemon squeezed, 1 small clove garlic, parsley and pepper.

I used my hand emulsion blender to blend the ingredients and Ta-da!  Buon Appetito!

P.S. Jeff liked it!